Learning to Trust

This is the post excerpt.


The (sadly) continuing events of violence and tragedy in our world, and the requests for prayer from individuals on Facebook, those whom I know personally—and others, culminating with a recent sharing of comments about the importance of taking time out for solitude—to be with God and refresh one’s soul and spirit, brought a thought of sharing something I wrote several years ago.

At first, I thought maybe it was just me…but, I feel impressed by God, I believe, to share it.

At the time I wrote this prose, I had been caring for my aging Mama, whom I loved so dearly, but the daily care and continuing dependence on me by her was wearing me down and I felt trapped—as many who care for elderly parents get.

The last thing I wanted to do was to place her in a nursing facility. However, I did find respite help in the form of adult day care. This helped, but, eventually, I could no longer care for her myself—physically, or mentally. She spent her last eight months in a nursing facility. 😦

The following was written after she left my home and was placed in the care of others. I was still very distressed—and depressed. I felt lost, but knew in my heart that God was holding me. I eventually made a book for myself with Scripture promises and my own photos. This is the last page of the book…

learning to trust God...pg from my book



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