head shotHey. I’m Cindy Ann Lowe Davis in Apopka, FL.

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Creativity was born in my heart, and expresses itself through three different art forms: 1) writing, in which my “pen” (keyboard) becomes my paintbrush; 2) digital photo editing and restoration, which emerged from my first love, photography; and 3) photography, itself, as I illustrate many of my writings–in a photojournalistic style.

Writing is one of the most fulfilling activities that I can do. It stirs my creative juices, and anything that challenges my imagination to think of different ways of relating something is fun for me! When I complete a successful story/article, it gives me a true satisfaction of knowing I have achieved something worthwhile.

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Read my story under “People Features.”

This last statement brings to mind my 3000-word magazine story (Florida Living) on Henri Landwirth and Give Kids the World (cover shown on the right), a non-profit “storybook” resort in Central Florida, whose mission is to give joy to children who are battling life-threatening illnesses: After publication, I received word that Mr. Landwirth was so pleased with what I had written about him and his heart’s purpose to bless these children, that he personally went to the publisher and told him it was the best piece that had ever been done on him! It filled my heart with a warm sense of gratification and delight!

My style is different from many other writers whom I’ve read in magazines and newspapers, in that, I love to write–what I call– “in theme” with the nature of the subject. I don’t write off the top of my head, I craft a story.

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For instance, the excerpt below is taken from my review of a restaurant styled after the subject of race car driving.

excerpt, NASCAR Cafe
Read my entire story under “Restaurant and Lodging Reviews.”
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Photos and story by Cindy Ann Lowe Davis

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to choosing suitable word combinations to celebrate my subject. I love to describe by painting word pictures: I take the reader with me on my adventure.

An example would be the passage below, of my story about the forgotten settlements of an area now populated only with trees and the critters that dwell in and around them, illustrated by my photo, shown here on the left.

excerpt, Lost Cities
See my full story under “History and Heritage.”

I love to stimulate hunger to do, see, and experience those places about which I write. Lol…Sometimes that’s literal, when I compose a restaurant review! 😀 Or, if it’s a people feature, I want my reader to feel he or she is becoming personally acquainted with my individual.

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Photos and story by Cindy Ann Lowe Davis. Read my story about Buford Reedy under “Artists and Crafters.”

A number of magazines and newspapers have published my work besides Florida Living magazine. They include Arts ‘n Crafts ShowGuide magazine (shown on the right), I Love Orlando magazine, TravelHost magazine, East Orlando Lifestyle magazine, Muzzle Blasts magazine, Get Up and Go! magazine, and the Lake County edition of the Orlando Sentinel newspaper.

My fields of writing include: human interest, people features, narratives of history and heritage, nature and ecotourism/tourism, arts and crafts, entertainment, and reviews of restaurants and bed-&-breakfast inns.

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Read my story under “People Features.”

Memorable stories I’ve authored include, not only my portrayal of Henri Landwirth and Give Kids the World, but, a 2000-word cover story on visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom; a 2000-word cover story on the person and uncommon lifestyle of Steve Holland, a real Florida cowboy (cover shown on the left); a 1500-word story on the themed eatery, Rainforest Cafe, and its creator; a feature on the harvesting of alligator eggs on Lake Griffin near Leesburg with Ashley Associates of Tallahassee, along

Photos for this story by Cindy Ann Lowe Davis
Photos and story by Cindy Ann Lowe Davis. Read about my adventure under “Nature and Ecotourism/Tourism.”

with the Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission (story photo shown on the right); a feature on rattlesnakes, from a heritage point of view, an entertaining trip to the Orlando Science Center and many, many more.

If you are seeking a writer who will enthuse the reader, causing him or her to go to, eat, or do what you promote, I don’t believe you will be disappointed with my work, as I pledge to do my very best to achieve your desired result. Plus–I can illustrate my writing.

While on this site, you may peruse my writing portfolio. The “Writing” menu heading will assist you in finding my various stories in different categories.

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